Secure SMS and MMS on your and your correspondents phones

PACo is the only program that encrypts SMS and MMS.

At a time when we share data with everyone, whether personal or professional, we still like to keep intimate things or professionals secrets.
PACo protects your data.

You do not want that anyone can watch your personal or business messages without your permission.
Without the password they can not.

Are you sure that the mobile correspondent is secure?
Without PACo and the password, the message will not be read.

If you mistakenly sent a message to the wrong correspondent.
Without PACo and the password, the message will not be read.

The messages are encrypted and saved on your phone and then sent to someone by sms or mms network.
PACo does not use a specific server.

PACo can be used by everyone.
The data service subscription is not essential.

You can select an encryption key for a conversation or for each message.

What are the benefits not to use a specific server:
  • We do not have access to your messages.
  • No subscription.
  • No unavailable server.
  • No hacking of messages on the server.

PACo works completely on Android 2.3.3 and up.

We do not collect information of any kind.
The authorizations requested from you only serve the proper performance of PACo, anything else.
SMS send crypted with PACo, displayed on default SMS application. Same message resended with same password.

PACo, messages displayed without decoding.

Message decoded with PACo.